Bass Studio

  • Bass Studio is a DAW which supports VST2, VST3 and CLAP plugins.
  • Releases are provided for Windows and Linux for the x86_64 architecture.
  • Closed Source. Beta versions are free to download and use.
  • Supports CLAP, VST3 and VST2 plugins
  • Sample accurate latency compensation
  • Multithreaded audio processing
  • Fast startup and load times
  • Internal sample rate is indepentend from Audio Drivers sample rates
  • Sample accurate modulation for plugin parameters
  • Sample accurate automation for plugin parameters
  • Python scripting support for Midi editing
  • Pattern based Midi groove and swing
  • Supported sample file formats: WAV, Flac, MP3
  • Audio Sample stretching and pitch shifting
  • Node based view on project hierarchy, freely routable
  • Custom themes including background images
  • Multi Monitor support (Second window with note editor i.e.)
  • Midi Arpeggiator
  • Builtin plugins:
    • Synth (Supports math formulas for modulations)
    • EQ
    • Gain
    • Stereo Width
    • Visualizer (With Python support)
    • LFO (Sample accurate modulation for plugin parameters)
    • Group
    • Sample Delay
    • Sample Crush

Bass Studio v0.6.4.0

Previous Releases:

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Jun 18, 2024

Synth GPU

  • Experimental Synth that runs on the GPU
  • Requires a GPU and driver that supports OpenGL 4.3 compute capabilities
  • The GLSL source code can be customized for additional waveforms
  • Up to 32 Polyphonic Voices and up to 256 Unison Voices
  • Uses a blep like algorithm for filtering bandlimited waveforms
  • Supports sample accurate per-voice modulation
Synth GPU

New experimental Synth that runs on the GPU

Synth Shaper

  • Polyphonic Synth with free waveform
  • No filter and no modulation (yet)
Synth Shaper

Synth Shaper allows drawing waveforms freely

Synth Mono

  • Monophonic Synth with basic waveforms.
  • No filter and no modulation (yet)
Synth Shaper

Synth Mono is a monophonic synth with basic waveforms

Other changes

  • Added phase reset parameter to LFO plugin. 0 equals no phase reset (old behaviour)
  • Added stats to menu bar
  • Skip disabled master tracks in export
  • Improved meter text layout and add folded pixel-sized meters
  • Improved knob and slider label auto scaling
  • Midi Clip Data Processing: Improved performance and robustness. Added filter for notes with len < 64 ticks in playback
  • MIDI realtime input processing: Fixed stuck notes, incorrect timing and missing notes
  • Render Audio: Fixed the position of the rendered clip being incorrect when the track or project has latency > 0
  • Optimized heap allocations in render path and in audio processing graph generation
  • Optimized DSP code performance for mixing and effects across the board
  • VST3: Fixed render/offline quality
  • VST3: Fixed possible null deref and oob array access in VST3 host code
  • VST3: Fixed possible incorrect suspend state in combination with PARAM_ENABLE automation
  • VST3: Fixed possibly incorrect configuration after switching samplerates
  • VST2: Fixed incorrect playback time information when internal samplerate < external samplerate
  • Fixed the logfile warnings about incompletly read samples
  • Fixed latency compensation on tracks with (parallel) custom routing
  • li>from beginning (position 0.0.0)
  • Rename cmd line parameter --center to --screen
  • Fixed a crash when duplicating a clip loop containing CC midi data
  • Fixed a rare crash in the audio waveform renderer
  • Fixed a possible crash after removing clips (dangling pointer dereference)
  • Fixed a possible crash when removing modulation routings on deferred effects
May 16, 2024


  • Fix incorrect audio output latency compensation
  • Fix feedback routing loop detection
  • Audio clips: Fix mute/unmute not working
  • EQ: Fix incorrect latency compensation
  • Synth: Fix midi input delay when oversampling is enabled
  • Arp: Fix random time parameter automation
  • Freezing Tracks: Tracks now appear in the correct position
  • commandline plugin scanner: Fix --help usage output
  • Update shader view: Now loads shadertoy shaders. iTime is synchronized to quarter beats.
  • Don't run autosave during audio rendering
  • Linux: Add installer for linux build without python dependency
  • Rendering: Don't render text with fontsize < 2 and improve font atlas usage
  • Disable audio block allocation tracking
  • Add outline stroke to hovered clips
May 1, 2024

New Features

  • 64 Bit Summing: Summing for tracks and plugins is now done using 64 bit floating points.
  • Improved MIDI Multi-Clip Editing
    Multi-Clip Editing

    MIDI editing across multiple clips.

  • Random LFO: Smooth, Linear, Exponential and Sample & Hold Modes.
    Random LFO

  • ARP Reset for Notes
    ARP Reset

  • Free MIDI routing: MIDI between tracks can be freely routed in the node graph.
    Free MIDI Routing

  • Per-Plugin Modulation Bypass
    Per-Plugin Modulation Bypass

  • Improved asynchronous audio file loading
    Improved asynchronous audio file loading

  • Improved accuracy of cross-modulating LFOs
    Improved accuracy of cross-modulating LFOs

  • Improved shading and selection visibility in note editor
    Improved shading and selection visibility in note editor

Other changes

  • Reduce size of MIDI data in project files
  • Fixed modulation settings when routing to bipolar parameters (i.e. pan)
  • Fixed modulation routing in groups not getting loaded correctly
  • Fixed Midi routing for external hardware devices
  • Fixed clip fades sometimes not showing on audio clips
  • Fixed a bug with the random number generators entropy
  • Fixed "Apply Arp" processing muted notes
  • Fixed audio clip length updates when changing BPM
  • Fixed some controls not reacting to all keyboard inputs
  • Fixed cut/copy/paste commands sometimes getting processed in the wrong editor
  • Fixed possible crashes
Apr 11, 2024


  • Added VST3 support (sample accurate automation)
  • Added Audio sample pitch shifting and time stretching
  • Added Midi Grooves
  • Added Freeze Track option
  • Added Progressbar to export process
  • Added .mp3 and .flac file loading support
  • Added Apply Arp command
  • Implemented recording of MIDI control data and pitchwheel changes
  • EQ now has oversampling and sample accurate automation and better UI
  • Synth now has oversampling
  • Fixed note quantization command
  • Fixed mouse scrolling on knobs
  • Fixed mouse scrolling on lists
  • Fixed a 1-sample bug in LFO modulation processing
  • Midi files now load with correct velocities, control data and track names